Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visiting the cousins

Up here in Canada we have been spending many busy days with the Paynes.  Yemaya is not used to all the noise and busy bodies here, so she naps more than usual.  Sometime she cries and if we walk her into a quite room she is happy again.  She is a little spoiled by her quiet life in California.

Last night we had our first experience with a vomiting infant.  Despite the fact that she is quite the spitter-upper, I was horrified by the amount of vomit all over me.  My sister in law agrees that child spit up soaked through to your underwear is the worst!  She seems to be recovering well, and we only had to wet vac the carpet and couch so far.  Luckily anything that Yemaya could slime up, one of her cousins has probably slimed before.

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