Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life on Land

So, we are spending five weeks in an apartment to have a little break from the boat and figure things out.  The place we are subletting has all the luxuries, showers, washer dryer, cable TV, two bed rooms, and a hot tub.  Yemaya has been enjoying the floor space, Ari and I have been enjoying a TV in the living room and bedroom. 
I'll admit that living on the boat isn't the easiest thing all the time, but I also love it.  There have been a bunch of sea lions spending their time in our marina, and I spend more time walking and getting exercise when we are there.  So far with such a little baby there has been only a little sailing, so that makes it a little less fun. 
But last weekend we took Macha out (pics to follow once the camera and computer are reunited) for a quick sail.  Thanks to Craig for the encouragement and sailing so I could take care of Yemaya and sail a bit.  Yemaya sat in her little bed and played and cried a bit.  We put up the main and pushed off the dock.  Head sails followed for a few tacks up the estuary and then with the wind and current helping a gentle sail back to the dock.  It was only an hour or so, but it was nice to get Macha off the dock after nine months.  Ari and Craig had earlier take the Tuna out for a spin before dropping the mast as part of Ari's ongoing project to get her ready to race.  Hopefully we can get the boat(s) out more and start to make our life on the boat feel a little less like sacrifice and a little more like fun.


  1. I would like to request some pictures of said sea lions, preferably with Yemaya also in the frame.

  2. We didn't move aboard until our youngest had just turned 4, although I would have liked to try (other complicating factors). We did spend almost every weekend and other free time afloat, so I have an idea of the joys and the challenges! There is something to be said for easy laundry with babies...

  3. Amelia, I will get right on the photo for you.

  4. Behan, any tips on loving life aboard with kids? Did you live aboard much before going cruising? The cruising tip I want from you is how you keep your beautiful fair skinned children from getting sun burned.