Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yemaya loves birds.  They are the first animal that we ever saw her pay attention to when we were walking around.  On our dock nearly every time we walk up or down we run across a Great White Egret.  They let us get quite close and don't seem all that scared of us.  Sometimes they just slowly walk up a finger to get out of out way.  But, Yemaya prefers the Pelicans, ducks, and Seagulls because they move faster and fly over her head. 

Earlier this week we took her for a walk and there were plenty of birds for her to see.  She watches they quite intently, pulling herself forward in her stroller or craning her neck and twisting her body in our arms.  She coos in the cutest way and couldn't be happier then when we are watching ducks.

She, of course, has not learned to say duck yet, or even understand it, but when she does, perhaps I can use an old family trick to keep her awake in the car and tell her to, "look at the ducks,"even when they are not there.

Yemaya watching what are not buffle headed ducks, despite the buffle on their heads.


  1. Maybe you will have to say "Look at the seagulls" to keep her awake, then wave vaguely up in the sky.

    Anyway, the birds you liked in Woods Hole weren't ducks -- they were swans; you just didn't know the word "swan".