Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing in the cockpit

She now climbs the companionway ladder like a champ! Her reward is
playing in the cockpit.


  1. How do you like the harness/ tether system? My husband just looked at them yesterday but were unsure how much actual "growing room" there was (Logan is almost 1). I think they need the crotch strap though for a while (he's like houdini and I wouldn't trust anything he could possibly slide out of) and I would also love the security of knowing he's tethered in. Would love to know what you think!



  2. This was the first time she really tested the harness. I've used it before, but now she is such a climber and crawler. She spent most of her time trying to climb over the life lines and dangle her feet over the side. It seemed to work really well. The only real struggle for me was figuring out where was best to clip her to on the boat to give the right radius.
    The harness we use is just the child one from West Marine. Yemaya is just over 20 lbs and quite skinny and I have all the straps just about as small as they go. There is a lot of room to grow into and I imagine it will fit her until she is three or four. I know I thought about getting a kids climbing harness at one point, but when I saw this one at West Marine it looked good enough to me and wasn't too much.

  3. Thanks, it's nice to hear a review on how things actually work out. I find in the baby world, there is SO much stuff that you buy that doesn't work the way you hoped or they don't like it. Logan is the same weight and has been holding for a while now, sounds like a good investment!!