Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The family demands more!

I hear that everyone is missing us on the internet.  Our new, but old, house, active homemaking, and an active toddler are delaying blogging.  I recently finished de-wallpapering, painting and rewiring the heater in Ari's office and still have a bathroom wall to patch, a sink to replace and a new coat of paint as well.  Ari and I have learned to can, as the only way to deal with our winter CSA box.  I've sent time starting my own sourdough starter and mastering bread making (still working on the mastering part).  There is the yard that desperately needs tackling, and hopefully a vegetable garden soon.    During waking hours Yemaya and I go to a cooperative playschool one morning, and a Waldorf farm school toddler class another morning.  Yemaya loves the animals at the farm, but likes the chickens best.  Since I have been doing home improvement and various other tasks every hour that Yemaya sleeps, there is no time for blogging. This blog post means that Yemaya is having cereal for dinner, by herself in the kitchen! But you can see a bit of what we have been up to below.

The firemen came to playschool with the firetruck.

There are a lot of rainbows in PT.  Yemaya likes to walk at this pond to see ducks.

We are starting potty training, she was a bit confused this day.

The office, mid-renovation, wall paper off.

Pickled beets. Yummy!

She can sit at the big table now.

Successful no kneed bread.


  1. It is so nice to see pictures of the family again. Thank you from your family fans.

  2. Hi Sarah and family,
    I met your sweet lil one and your sweetie yesterday watching the ducks. Turns out that my sweetie knew your boat when I mentioned what kind it was. He is friends w jay and in fact jay had told Daniel that we all need to meet. And now here u r in PT and we r still here too. Anyways, our lil one is 9 months now and we r lookin for other families with lil ones to grow n preserve food, bake bread, and the like and seeing your blog thought you might be interested. We found your blog after reading Macha's. We hav lived without a working motor for quite some time and love sailing in and out of our slip and learning how to sail her without relying on an engine. We r however in the process of converting her to electric drive. Sjovind is her name. Ok, gotta go! Ari wrote down our number if u want to call. Thnx. Us

  3. Wendy,

    That's so cool! Small world, eh? We have been thinking about going electric too. Sssh. Don't tell Jay... :-) Since having a toddler, I'm finding that I don't have the energy & time necessary to maintain ideological purity in sailing and many other areas of our lives. Hehe. What are you guys doing Sunday 2/27? We have a batch of sauerkraut ready, and we were thinking of BBQing veggie-brats and meat-brats!