Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dora, Dora, Dora

My daughter loves Dora. I have come to terms with Dora existence in my
life, but sometimes my disgust bubbles up again.
Like today, there is an episode where they have to find the chocolate
tree so they can make chocolate. What's wrong with the cacao tree?
This shouldn't make me mad I guess, but usually Dora doesn't lie.
I have learned to appreciate what I used to most hate about Dora.
Every episode is basically the same. They all follow the same formula
with the same songs, routines, and annoyingness. But now that I know
all of the formula I can use it to get Yemaya to participate in
activities. For example, if she is being slow walking somewhere I just
tell her we need to go around the tree, down the path, and then to the
store. She will speed up.
That being said I hope everyday that she will no longer like Dora.
Each morning there is hope.

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