Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boat Projects with Babies

Today I tried to finish a project while alone with the baby.  The project is a baby gate of sorts to keep her confined into a safe space on the boat.  It is only a rectangular piece of fabric with six snaps on it, but it has taken me many days.  First I cut and sewed a piece that turned out to be one inch too small because I forgot to add one inch when I was cutting for the seams.  Then I remeasured and cut another piece of fabric.  That fabric has now been sitting around for a few days waiting for the right moment.  Which occurred at nap time today!

I quickly sewed some seams and then "whahhhhhh".  My darling baby slept for exactly 30 minutes today!  But, it is not all bad, because I broke out the bouncy swing.  That gave me at least 10 more minutes of banging and drilling to put a few snaps in place.  Of course she poops while in there and needs a total outfit change and is not really interested in going back in to the chair.  I tried putting her in the safe bed to play, but that just made her mad.  I tried playing with her and she cried, I tried ignoring her and she cried.  I finally fed her some rice cereal, and gave her a few new toys.  5 more minutes, one more snap.  More crying, more breast feeding.  More toys and crying, and at last four hours, and three days of work, after I began my one hour project it is done!  She now will be safe and confined for at least a few months until she becomes smart enough to escape from this as well.

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