Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wet cockpit

Q: Where do you put a baby to play outside when the cockpit is wet?

A: In the baby bath tub of course.


  1. She's getting cuter and cuter... I love the irony.

  2. Okay Sarah-- I read your blog-- well some of it as there is lots to read! I love to hear about your trips and sailing adventures alongside the photos. Very sweet! Also I liked the funny questions people ask. I remember the question of danger when were sailing being so annoying. Yes, sure sailing is dangerous-- but so are a lot of things-- like for example zooming down the freeway at top speeds in your car. I remember after being on the boat for awhile actually being scared of getting into a car and this after sailing in high seas for long periods of time! Anyways a very thoughtful way of sharing your life events. Also good for you to look back on like a journal.--Bina