Friday, May 21, 2010

Jumping on land

She is a great jumper and is thrilled to have friends who let her jump
at their places.


  1. So cute! I just brought Logan's back out (he wasn't too impressed w/ it a few months ago) and now it's a hit! It's so fun to watch them explore things for the first time.

    A bit off subject...

    I poked around your site a bit, but didn't see a blog about it so far. Would you mind telling me the story of how you and Ari came to the decision of living on a boat? My husband and I are going back and forth (mostly forth) w/ the idea. I just seem to have those nagging "what if's" lingering... mostly about the safety of our son. I am very new to sailing (mostly just been rail meat for racing crew), cruising a bit on our boat and have some "book knowledge" that I haven't gotten to put to use much yet. This summer we're going to do some local sailing away from home (we live North Vancouver Island and plan to go to some outlying islands) for some extended periods (while working and living aboard ) to put it to the test. See what I'm made of I guess ;).
    We are really excited about the opportunity to downsize, simplify and provide an authentic and interactive life experience for our family. There just aren't too many people you can have a conversation with about something like this. I have a feeling it's like when I had to decide wether I was going to have a home/water birth....research it to death and then you just have to go with your gut. I don't know how to explain it yet, but it just "feels right". Don't mean to babble, just trying to clear things up in my own head. Would love some insight though!!



  2. She is so cute! My nephew just got one of those jumpers...he just spins in circles so far ha ha.