Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing in the cockpit

It was a failure. The water too cold, the breeze too much, the baby too cranky. It is hot. We are both sticky with sweat. The drops of it beading up on the bridge of our noses. I thought how nice it would be to close off the sea cocks, put a little water in the cockpit and have a little pool time in our always available kiddie pool. I put up some shade, filled it up, got the baby naked and plopped her in.


She hated it. She tried to climb out. Her little skinny legs not long enough to get out. She stood on her tiptoes to avoid having any contact with the water. Besides the crying baby, I was kinda enjoying myself. A light breeze, afternoon sun, cool water on my feet, and the quiet sounds of halyards blowing around.

So now we sit down below, breastfeeding and sweating. At least one of us seems happy with the afternoon activity. Enjoy it while you can baby.


  1. Bath pictures are insanely cute. She's generally such a good sport...

    Back here on land, no baby yet. Maybe this weekend?


  2. Nice mothering moment. Nice to hear that your cockpit kiddie pool is active. Have you set it up with the solar shower yet? Maybe that would do the trick for baby Y. Let's sail soon!