Monday, March 14, 2011

Blow Fish fishing

While taking care of two active kids (and a baby) it is important to have fun activities to make it through the day.  I have been reading a really great blog, Made by Joel, it is filled with tons of cool ideas for projects to do with kids.  Blow Fish is the first project that seemed right for us to give a try. 
The basic blow fish concept.

I just free hand cut out the fish and the kids "decorated" them.  Owen and I had a few blow fish races across the kitchen.  His blue fish was super fast and always won.  Because just two fish weren't enough we made three and put one of them on a zipline across the other fish from a high cabinet down to bottom of the fridge.
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
After a few minutes of blow fish, Owen wanted to go fishing.  We devised a sort of fishing rod from a piece of tape on a straw "hook,"  tied to the spool of thread.  He was quite happy to play by himself, while I tended to a crying baby and cranky toddler. 
Hook detail.
When I had a chance to do some fishing with him we had a good time, even though he said we couldn't eat any of the fish we caught for dinner.  I did of course string the fish across the kitchen in a way that I was constantly ducking under them to get to and from the kitchen.  Which is fine, except I had the baby in the Bjorn.  In case you are wondering, Baby Bjorn limbo is not really that fun and starts to hurt your back. So eventually, I took the fish down. When Hop arrived to help out for the afternoon, Owen wanted to show off his fish, and Hop helped assemble a three fish chain for fishing.  Since Hop is a fish expert, he knew what would be fun.

Three fish are better than one fish.

If you are wondering where my daughter is, she said "No pictures."


  1. You are so a good Mommy/Aunt. Love the fish hook.

  2. Love the project, and LOVE your kitchen.

  3. That's my sister's kitchen, and it is amazing!