Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contact and tissue paper flower

Yesterday we made a craft that I saw on some blog somewhere many months ago.

Basically you need 2 pieces of clear contact paper cut to the size of a sheet of paper, a piece of black construction paper, and little bits of colored tissue paper.  Just cut out the outline of a shape out of the construction paper and stick it to one piece of the contact paper.  Let the toddler stick as many tissue paper bits on as their attention span allows for.  Then stick the other piece of contact paper on and seal it up and put it on your window.

Instead of clear contact paper I bought frosty contact paper, not on purpose, but because I can apparently no longer read.  But don't worry I bought the big roll of it, so we will be making them "frosty" for awhile!  Yemaya loves stickers so this project was a bit like reverse stickers.  And other than a few bits of tissue paper on the floor it is a relatively mess free art project.  I'm not sure how other mothers let 1.5 year olds paint inside the house because we did it once, and I don't think we will do it again for quite some time.  The painting prep/clean up to toddler enjoyment time ratio was not what I like in a project.

But, the flower turned out real nice and looks pretty in our window. Today we made a butterfly.  I tried to get a picture of Yemaya with her flower, but she just cried and tried to hit the camera away, so here is her very sad face instead of her smile.

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  1. Oh, sad face sweetie!
    Pretty piece though Yemaya!
    I need your email address Sarah.
    Do u want to have a baking day? Bread, pies n the like?
    Morgan n Kinenesa n lil bu and I are so far in. Walton to hear from Elie n River. There are a few families either not in PT or haven't called yet but I'd like to still meet to make plans for food grown etc. Waiting to find out best day for Elie n River.
    Thnx, us! Oh, my email terra_amore8@yahoo.com. I will give u my new email addresss once u email me.