Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We went to the Sequim pumpkin patch with our cooperative playschool today.  There was a really big slide and Yemaya went down it tons of times all by herself.  She was fascinated by the pigs, and wanted to pick up the stray chicken.  I'm not sure if she does this at her preschool, or she just saw her little friend who has chickens do it, but she just keeps insisting on trying.  I must admit, I do not think I have ever picked up a chicken, and will be no help in pursuing this current fixation of hers.  I also was not much help with the pigs.  Another mom and grandma were sticking their hands in the fence calling the pigs over, I just sort of poked a pig with one finger.  I send Yemaya to a preschool two days a week that has chickens, goats, and sheep with the hopes that the wonderful women who run the school will teach her about touching animals.  While I happily dissect animal parts in my science classroom, while wearing gloves, it turns out I have very little interest in getting up close and personal with farm animals (or even most house pets).

Other moms at the pumpkin patch took nice pictures while the sun was out with their nice cameras, all I managed was a scowl when a cloud passed by with my phone.  Yemaya is very proud of her pumpkin and will add it to the table that is getting quite full of all the little pumpkins we have bought and picked up at various activities this year.  Stay tuned because I expect to have a pumpkin carving craze this weekend (for which we will need to buy more and bigger pumpkins)!  Halloween is the best and my favorite holiday, and the fact that my beautiful niece is a Halloween baby only makes it an even better day.

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  1. I thought the Malachite Small Farm School was supposed to teach us a love of animals. (Though mostly what I learned was that you can use a back hoe to hang a cow carcass and don't get attached to the bunnies. Both important lessons, but I am also not interested in picking up a chicken.)