Friday, October 14, 2011

Where have you been? And a bunch of Broccoli eaters.

Well, I've written about 100 blog posts in my head, and taken many more pictures for posting, but then I think, "Well, we don't really live on a boat anymore. Maybe I should start a new blog."  Well, that isn't gonna happen today, or any of the many yesterdays, and maybe we will live on a boat again some day.  So I'll just continue doing some blogging about my life here. Plus this post will give me a chance to test out how well the iOS5 on my iPhone and the iCloud really do at streaming pictures from my phone to my computer with out ever attaching a cord.

I called my sister to say "hi" tonight, we talked about all the usual parts of life.  We were both cooking dinner during our short phone call.  Both our families would be eating some form of pasta.  They prefer "worms" and we prefer rainbow spirals.  A few minutes into our conversion we had both been interrupted by children, and in her case also a dog.  There had been side conversations with children about toys, and the potty, and a few minor injuries.  At one point I realized that pasta would not exactly meet the vegetable quota for the day so I starting cutting up the broccoli to throw in the pasta water.  I must have said something like, "We are even going to eat a vegetable," to my sister and told her about cutting up the broccoli and cooking it with the pasta.  She was inspired to also meet the vegetable quota the same way (no need to microwave, or make an extra pot dirty, which is usually my goal).  At practically the same moment our dinners were done and we said good bye.

Moments into sitting down I received this text:

I sent this one back (Y does not smile for the camera):

I texted back Y's response to seeing Sydney: I don't see Owen, can I see Owen eating broccoli?"

And finally:

It was almost like having dinner together.  It turns out it is really nice to have a sister to call on the phone and to find out how similar our lives are at some moments in time.  Just one of the many reasons I am grateful for my wonderful sisters.

Note: So, iCloud worked really well.  No need to plug in my phone to get these photos to my computer to post on the blog.  With the new iOS5 on my old iPhone, I have decided that I do not need to buy a new iPhone (I don't think that voice assistant thing will work anyway with a screaming two year old in the background).  The new phone was gonna be my early "push present".  Now taking suggestions of something better to "ask" for.


  1. I love you sister. Ask for an iPad! For me. Oooh, or the new kindle Fire. It has picture books so you can show it to kids.

  2. I'm so glad you are back to blogging.