Monday, October 5, 2009

Hip Mama

So, in my short time in motherhood here in the Bay Area I am quickly learning what the important hip  "must have" baby products are.  Some are actually useful and nice, but I'm not sure that babies with out Sophie Giraffe are really any worse off then those who have one.  But in case you are wondering what every new mom needs, even if she doesn't, here is my list.

1. Babe Au lait (formerly Hooter Hider)

These come in about a million hip fabric patterns and are good for my friends who are anxious about breast feeding in public.  They have a piece of boning that helps hold the fabric away from you so you can see the baby.  I just made one myself last night, rather than paying $35.  My mother taught me to be cheap and not spend money on things you don't need (and even those you do), so I have a hard time buying a yard of fabric with a strap for $35.  It was easy and took about an hour and cost about $9.  I haven't used it yet, so I'll report back.  I used directions I found on the web.

2. Sophie Giraffe

I was given Sophie as a gift from another mom.  She told me at the shower that it was the most popular baby toy.  At my first mom and baby yoga class 12 of the 15 babies had one there.  It is rubber and made in France, so I guess that is how you know it is hip.  Yemaya has not shown really any interest in Sophie or any other toy for that matter, so I can't give you my review yet.

3. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

They have cute little animals and such printed on them, which I'm sure adds to the hipness factor.  They are a lose weave cotton (although I don't think they are organic, and they are made in China, despite the designed in the USA on the tag) and much bigger than the average baby blanket.  My aunt remarked on the absorbing quality as well (good for copious amounts of slime that comes out of my daughters mouth).  I was given the cow one as a gift by a parent at my school.  After many months I have come to the conclusion that I need more than one (because of the aforementioned slime that goes stale if left unlaundered for long).  And because of my mother and the cheapness I cannot bring my self to pay $20 for a yard of cloth (although a 4 pack is only $44), do you see a theme here.  I have been to the fabric store and searched online and I can not find a fabric like them, so I may just break down and buy some soon. 

4. Trumpette Baby Socks

They look like shoes, but they are really socks.  How cute!  I swear that my mom friends mention these more often then any other baby product by brand name.  They all swear that they are the only socks that will stay on.  I have only put socks on Yemaya about 10 times, but they do seem to stay on.  Now that it is fall she will be wearing her ballet slipper and converse socks more often.  I do not know why we talk about sock so often, but apparently as a new mom socks can come up in just about every conversation.

5. Lovies

These are those cute little blankets made of something soft with an animal head, and sometimes arms and legs.  Apparently if you don't have one of these your child will be very sad.  And my friends say that their pediatricians said it is okay for the kids to sleep with them.  I very much doubt that there is a Lovies and SIDS study out there, but whatever the doctor says.  Yemaya has one that looks like a monkey that she has shown some moderate interest in holding accidentally for short periods of time.

6. Ergo Baby Carrier

This is the baby carrier I do not own.  We have 2 slings and a Baby Bjorn, but the really hip and earthy moms all own this one.  It costs about $100, and some are organic.  I keep looking at them in the store and will probably buy one soon, they are quite hard to find used, and when I do find them they sell just below retail.  People report them as more comfortable when the kid is bigger.  And just look at the picture, that mom is hip.

Just in case you were worried that I was bought out by corporate America, my blog has not been sponsored by any of these companies, but they are all free to send me free things if they want.  Also, Mom, I love that you taught me to look at what things are really worth and to not throw my money away on junk.

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  1. I just went ahead and made friends with people who have older children. The only thing we have bought Owen is his crib. Seriously. We have never bought toys, clothes, or blankets. Not counting his monkey costume.