Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yemaya's new berth

Well, she is almost too big for her basket now.  So we finally cleaned up enough so that she can sleep in her very own big girl berth.  Last night she made it through the night all by herself in her big bed (despite the scary howling wind).  I had to put on some white noise to cover up all the little bangs and howls from the wind.  As I told Ari last night, "Scary Wind Storm" was not one of the tracks on the, "White Noise for Babies," album that we use.  Here she is taking a nap, as cute as can be. 

And here is a video so you can hear the scary wind that we have been having for the past few days.  Ari reports being land sick at work because of all the bouncing the boat is doing.

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