Sunday, October 11, 2009

We went to Fairyland

This was the best day ever.  We had lunch at the new Lake Merritt Boat House.  The food was nice, the beer was yummy, and no one got attacked by a seagull, goose or pigeon.  Afterward we took a walk and ended up going to Fairyland, a wondrous place for all children (except Yemaya, I think she could care less).

First we saw all the animals.  There were bunnies, ducks, donkeys, goats, and geese. 

Then we saw the castles.

Then we changed diapers and outfits, due to a code brown, and feed in front of the castle.  It was totally worth the $14 for us to get in.

We tried to take her on the train, but she was too sleepy and screamed when we picked her up because she just wanted to sleep in her stroller.  So she slept down the yellow brick road.

We are bad, or stupid, parents because then we took our happily sleeping baby into the musical fairy tunnel.  Where of course she woke up, and surprisingly was not too mad about it.  The tunnel is actually really cool.  There are bells, chimes, and some kind of rolling thing.  The acoustics are neat and there are fairies on the walls.  It is the kind of place a five year old would love.

All in all Fairyland was fun.  I think even by the time she is a year old she can get a lot out of it.  Ari and I enjoyed ourselves and were happy to spend a Friday afternoon together as a family instead of Ari being at work. 

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