Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Safety (Part Two)

This post is for you Dad.

Part one was the baby gate cloth, and lee cloth for her berth (which does need some redoing already, now that she has figured how to poke her head out and look at us when she is suppose to be asleep, which lead to the worst bed time ever last night, but that is not the point here).

 Baby gate cloth half up.

Part two took place today and over the weekend.  I installed baby latches on our only two cabinets.  They both have things in them that it would be best for Yemaya to keep out of.  In addition, the latches they have on them are not the best underway, and have been known to open up when we are really healed over on port tack.  The new baby latches should help serve as a nice back up when the primary latches fail.  It is strange that I live in a world where I need secondary latches.  Yemaya and I learned an important lesson during the instillation, she hates power tools.  I had to stop after each latch to comfort her, so it took quite awhile, and I'm glad it is done.

 Baby Latch

We also purchased a kid harness and tether from West Marine this weekend.  There was a brief discussion in the store about how we could make our own and maybe save a little money, but we quickly came to the conclusion that it would never happen while our daughter was young enough to need the harness.  Today, I tried out the harness.  It took a bit of fussing, on my part and Yemaya's, but once I got it on, it looked good.  I could pick her up from it in back, and she played on deck harnessed and tethered.  I still have to work out exactly how long her tether can be and where the best place to tether her is, but it seemed like it will work.  Her harness is now ready and waiting by the companionway hatch for the nice days of spring.

Happy harnessed baby!


  1. Thank you Sarah - the harness looks wonderful, but I am still more concerned about the fumes from the heater. Well it's getting to be summer and you can open the boat up for good ventillation in the warm weather.

  2. The fumes from the heater! It is diesel and it vents outside. Also, we hardly use it. Yemaya like it to be 63 degrees in here. Any warmer and she cries like a baby.

  3. She is so big! We miss you.

  4. Is she really walking already? She looks so much bigger now!

  5. Is she mobile enough to crawl off the boat? Yemaya is a very lucky babe. Seeing the world from a unique perspective will make for a creative kid - me thinks.

  6. Yemaya is not walking or quite crawling, but she pulls up and scoots around well. I thought it best to baby proof in advance. Hope you all can see her soon.

  7. I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog. I've just discovered both you and Zach Aboard and am just soaking it all in. After many years of dreaming of a "life aboard", we have mentally started the process as well as decluttering/organizing as much as possible. We have a 7 month old little boy -Logan (looks like Yemaya may be a month or 2 older???) and I have been scouring the internet and books for information. My husband is the sailor and I am the "wanna be", so it feels like so much is unknown. Now with a baby in the picture, my imagination just goes wild. Your sites really help to ground me and realize it is not only possible to live aboard a boat with a baby, but as amazing as I imagine in my mind. Thank you for the peek into your life :)
    Do you mind passing on the list of books you read to prepare for having baby on board? I have 3 I've just ordered, would love to see if they are the same/different.
    We're living in Campbell River, BC (Vancouver Island), and have a 41' Sailboat (built in '68 so their has been lots of work done/to be done) . Hoping to get lots of work done on it this summer though and spend as much time as possible on it to see what we'll "really" need to live aboard. Then hoping to cruise locally (we're new to the area here and lots of places on our wish list), it's beautiful here in the summer.

    Take care,

  8. Lara, I'm so glad you found my blog. I love Zach Aboard too. I just put up a post with the books I liked, I'd love to hear if you read others you like.
    Yemaya is just 9 months now, so it sounds like our kids are not so different in age. My husband and I are both sailors, but he is a bit more into the whole thing. It helped me to take a bunch of classes to feel more confident. We put the cost of classes for both of us into our cruising budget.
    I hope that you guys do end up living aboard and loving it!