Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Sleeper

Yemaya has started sleeping through the night!  (The picture is of nap time though)  Almost a week of 9pm-7am.  The first night she slept that long Ari asked me if I we should get up and check on her.  I told him no way!  But, what I haven't told him is that get up and check on her almost every night still. 
One of my mom friends with a similar aged baby asked me what I do to help her sleep, and the sad truth is nothing.  We just got lucky in the baby lottery and got one that is a "sleep monster" as Ari would say. 
My mom says that I slept through the night at six weeks.  Ari's mom says that he was a very difficult baby.  I haven't asked about how he slept as a baby, but I am guessing it was not good.  Ari and I are glad that our baby seems to have more of my baby temperament then his.  There are lots of other ways that I hope she is like Ari, such as being curious, smart, funny, and energetic, but I am glad she is more like me in this case.

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