Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not matching sweatsuits...

Ari and I keep our clothes in these storage bags on the shelf next to
our bed. The idea being that they might stay folded (if you bother to
fold them when you put them in) and you can find what you need.
When I was putting my clothes away this morning one of the bags was
laying on the bed. I started to get annoyed because I thought Ari had
put his pants in one of my bags with my pants. I opened up to remove
the pants that I assumed were mine only to realize they were all
Ari's. Apparently we both own one pair brown cords, and two pairs of
jeans. If I took up wearing only black T-shirts we would be one step
from the matching sweatsuits that my aunt is always worried we will
start wearing to the airport.

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